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           Will Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City will be set as a research and development, trade, production in integrated Technology Co., Ltd., the company focused on the introduction of the latest international trade electronic components, particularly focusing on the introduction of super capacitor products, marketing, sales , science and technology for the domestic manufacturers to provide full range of electronic products supporting services to enhance customer value, and grow together!

           The company is located in the beautiful and vibrant southern city of Shenzhen, the electronics industry developed, the economic development of an active, Will Technology will fully exploit geographical advantages, brought together a group of ambitious, idealistic entrepreneurs, and actively carry out customer channels, to seek superior products, and strive to provide customers with the best quality service. The company has been duly obtained VINA Korea, South Korea KORCHIP (high-Chip) farad capacitor company a full range of attorney, in the market, technology, price to get the original support and assistance, customer service capabilities and service response times are very big improvement. The company agent Farah capacitance products (SuperCapacitor) has been widely used in power meter, smart meter, smart gas meter, tax control machine, LED Lamp, LED spike lights, solar energy storage products, industrial control equipment, consumer electronics and other products, and achieved good social benefits. Company developed a series of power line carrier applications, power line carrier application modules, have been widely used in street light monitoring, cable breakage monitoring, building monitoring, centralized meter reading, industrial control and other occasions, I developed a series of power line carrier module, transmission and stability excellent performance, widely recognized and endorsed by users!

           The company's registered capital of 3 million yuan, with independent import and export rights, the company currently employs 25 people, 80% of bachelor's degree, has a strong professional background in marketing electronic components, has a strong professional advantage . Farad capacitor which independent research and development of products and related products Power Line Carrier increasing amount of sales, increasing market share, we have the confidence and ability to constantly develop new markets, to seek greater market space for development.

           Weir will technology as a responsible company, the realization has been appointed as a social value, not to the benefit of private one one figure, the company's value and the value of customers banded together to achieve common goals!


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